Teil III: Mein Schiff 1 – Malaysia & Thailand

Siehe Teil I hinsichtlich Highlights der Mein Schiff 1 Siehe Teil II bezüglich der Highlights aus den ersten Landgängen auf Koh Samui und Saigon. Im zweiten Teil der Reise auf dem Dampfer Mein Schiff 1 geht es zu der westlichen Seite von Thailand und Malaysia. Unter anderem nach Georgetown auf Penang und Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia... weiterlesen →

Montreal – A weekend trip from Toronto

A trip to Montreal from Toronto for a weekend. Roughly 600 km one way. Sounds awesome and let me already prevail - it is and was. We have late February and the sun is finally sneaking out. The forecast for the weekend was the first time for this year reaching the double digits. Double digits... weiterlesen →

Dog Sledding in Canada

Right on top of my Canada bucket list is dog sledding. It is winter, it is cold and snow is falling. Not much you can do outside besides snow mobile and skiing. Especially when your girlfriend is in town, you got to choose something more romantic. So there are a couple of place you could... weiterlesen →

Going to Church in Canada – Leaf Nation

The Maple Leafs. Toronto's NHL Hockey Team. No one really knows why, but despite the fact that the team has not performing well in the last decades it has been one of the teams with the biggest and craziest fan base. The tickets are ridiculous expensive and hard to get. Season tickets are impossible to get.... weiterlesen →

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