V. Takayama – Living like a Samurai

You have not heard about Takayama yet? Well, me neither. When I was googling my way around the world wide web about Japan and gathering information of how our itinerary should look like, I found many other blogs, just like this one will, that recommends to take the pain of travelling all the way through... weiterlesen →


IV. Kawaguchi-ko and Fujiyama

What would be a Japan trip without a visit of Fujiyama? Exactly. That is why we planned two nights at Kawaguchiko. Two nights just to make sure that we get the picture. Even if there is a rainy afternoon, we would still have a spare one so to speak. Partly for this trip we had... weiterlesen →

III. Nikko

Our first trip to the countryside of Japan. So far we were blended by the bright neon lights and crowded city life. It is time to get some picturesque mountain views! It is beginning of October and I hoped for some nice autumn colors. After the uneventful and quiet two hours train ride I was... weiterlesen →

II. Tokyo – Tsukiji & Senso-Ji

Man, that is early! We arrived 3 am at the fish market. We were not the first, but made it in the first batch of 60 visitors. Around 4 am were the last spots taken. 2 groups, of each ca. 60 people are crammed into one room without any stools or other interior until the... weiterlesen →

I. Tokyo – Shibuya & Shinjuku

We got our first japanese dinner and some gin tonics close at Shibuya station. Despite this obvious obsession, to clean everything and this almost too perfect politeness, Japanese are heavy smokers. For me as a non smokers it is barely bearable. Especially at the dinner table. So this dinner was not quite the dinner I... weiterlesen →

0. Japan – Back to the Future

Dreams come true, they say... They also say, with money you cannot buy happiness.... With the latter, they are quite wrong (travelling Japan is expensive) and the former is absolutely true for me. Finally I get the chance to go to Japan! Yes, the culturally rich country on the other side of the planet. Almost... weiterlesen →


Also dann mal Irland. Der Bruder studiert da ein Semester, dass muss man direkt mal ausnutzen. Ein paar Tage in Dublin und dann weiter mit dem Mietauto an die Westküste zu den Cliffs of Moher und The Ring of Kerry. Nach einem kurzen Flug von München nach Dublin bin ich schon auf der Suche das... weiterlesen →

Teil III: Mein Schiff 1 – Malaysia & Thailand

Siehe Teil I hinsichtlich Highlights der Mein Schiff 1 Siehe Teil II bezüglich der Highlights aus den ersten Landgängen auf Koh Samui und Saigon. Im zweiten Teil der Reise auf dem Dampfer Mein Schiff 1 geht es zu der westlichen Seite von Thailand und Malaysia. Unter anderem nach Georgetown auf Penang und Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia... weiterlesen →

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